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March 2022

Antimicrobial Guidelines

Gastrointestinal System


For the Diarrhoea – Infection Associated section, information on duration of treatment has been updated for clarity.

Prophylaxis for Urinary Catheter Placement in Orthopaedic (Including Spinal) Patients


Guideline amended to include spinal patients with metal implants.

See Antimicrobial Stewardship Bulletin on Antibiograms.

Prescribing Guidelines

Routes of Administration


Amended to include: Different formulations of the same active ingredient are usually not bioequivalent. Be aware of the impact of changing dose form on efficacy and adverse effects. Make a plan to monitor for these.



Links to a flowchart and tool for classification of extravasation of non-cytotoxic medicines added.

Pharmacokinetic Table







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