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July 2021

Pink Book General Advice and Introduction

Prescribing Instructions for Medicines


Over May and June 2021, CDHB hospitals have moved to using National Medication Charts, rather than the QMR004. All adult areas where paper medication charts are used have now implemented National Medication Charts. The Oxygen and Intravenous fluids chart is unchanged, and still available to add to the National Mediation Charts as appropriate.

Antimicrobial Guidelines

Vancomycin Dosing Guidelines (Adults)


“Red man syndrome” is now called “vancomycin infusion reaction”.

Surgical Prophylaxis


All surgical prophylaxis guidelines except gynaecology have been reviewed and updated. See Antimicrobial Stewardship Bulletin July 2021 #032.

Prescribing Guidelines

Prescribing in Chronic Kidney Disease


The Cockcroft and Gault Calculator link in this guideline has changed.

Prescribing in the Obese Adult


The Cockcroft and Gault Calculator link in this guideline has changed.

Pharmacokinetic Table









New. Due to variation in insulin product absorption and duration of action, and local prescribing by brand, all funded insulin brands are included.

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