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May 2022

Pink Book General Advice and Introduction

Prescribing Instructions for Medicines





Revised to remove the adult focus from the general advice section and disclaimer. This section, including prescribing instructions and links to medicine information is also relevant to Paediatrics.

However, the Antimicrobial and Prescribing Guidelines, plus the pharmacokinetic table, are adult-centric.

Antimicrobial Guidelines

Gentamicin/Tobramycin Dosing Guidelines


Revised recommendations for timing of the second blood sample for aminoglycoside concentration monitoring to later in the dose interval.



New empiric antimicrobial guidelines for non-immunosuppressed and immunosuppressed sepsis with unknown source. See bulletin.

Surgical prophylaxis – Gynaecology


Updated guidelines for clarity in relation to the various procedures performed and currency in choice of antimicrobial agent and dose.

Prescribing Guidelines

Prescribing in the Obese Adult



Revised for clarity that dose recommendations are for initial doses. Subsequent dose adjustment may require additional care such as adjustment according to measured drug concentrations or specific biomarkers for morbidly obese patients.

Pharmacokinetic Table







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